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Healthcare Consulting 

Healthcare is an immensely complex industry that is constantly changing with new technologies and increased patient demand. In order to provide the highest standards in patient care and continually manage challenges as they arise, hospital systems must focus on both the short-term and long-term health of their organization. Combined with the changes in the current market, strategy and development have remained key in formulating an effective plan to overcome these obstacles. GAD International works with the entire team of healthcare providers, administrators and management boards to reduce costs and continue to provide the best solution to these problems.

Physician Services

We have worked with major hospital systems, independent practice associations (IPAs), academic teaching institutions and other physician organizations to tackle the strategic, operational, and financial challenges faced in the healthcare industry today. This includes improving organizational effectiveness and efficiency, developing and restructuring medical groups and clinics, as well as compensation plan redesign. With new payment models emerging, public reporting of quality measures and patient care costs on the rise, EMRs and mobile health units are increasing rapidly.

Expert Services

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As providers consolidate and collaborate to redesign patient care delivery, is your healthcare organization set-up to succeed in this burgeoning environment?

GAD International offers complete strategic and operational consultation and support to ensure growth and sustainability without compromising your facility's innovation and standard of care. We can provide your organization with expert services in:

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Workflow Mapping

Going to office

Staffing & Recruitment

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Revenue Cycle

Surgical Lights

Medical Devices

Doctor and Patient

Physician Compensation Plans

Patient Room

Care Delivery & Design

Workflow Mapping

Workflow mapping is a series of actions, steps, or tasks performed to achieve a certain result:

  • Patient Registration

  • Rooming patients

  • Refilling medications

  • Answering Telephones


All of these processes happen on a daily basis in a healthcare practice. By mapping the required steps, we can identify variations and inefficiencies

At GAD, we consider workflow mapping an ultimate tool for improvement. We help you map the current workflow and formulate a process that is easier and more efficient.

RCM is the medical billing cycle that healthcare facilities use to manage the cashflow that drives revenue

  • Optimize billing and collections

  • Front office solutions to minimize denials, streamline POS collections and increase patient satisfaction.

  • Create sustainable financial improvement through increased revenue yield, streamlined cash flow, and reduced cost to collect

At GAD, we can help your organization use big data analytics to run a successful revenue cycle management model.

Revenue Cycle

Physician Compensation Plans

Healthcare reimbursement is rapidly evolving from primarily fee-for-service to value-based, risk sharing accountable care contracts. Health systems with employed physicians primarily paid on productivity-based compensation plans face the challenge of aligning their physician’s financial incentives with the new market requirements for quality, outcomes, and patient experience. At GAD, we can help you establish a productivity-based compensation plan based on gross revenue and charges + incentives.

An organized team is imperative in an effective functioning hospital system. This is especially true in the Healthcare Industry where solid Human Resource Management means effective recruitment of employees, training of staff, and implementation of safety measures in the workplace. When equipped with a high-quality HR Management Program, hospital staff are better equipped to provide outstanding patient care.


At GAD International, you get the very best consultancy service to implement and run your HR Management Program according to industry standards.

Staffing & Recruitment

Medical Devices

In a radically changing environment, we collaborate across science and technology to combine our own expertise and interventional solutions to design and deliver physician and patient-centric products. We at GAD International continually focuses on elevating the standard of care, improving outcomes and reducing costs.

Transforming care delivery requires change in every area of the organization. This change will not come easily to those who are satisfied with the status quo. Healthcare demands that your organization provides the highest level of care in the most innovative facility.  We will customize and implement a system that will provide continuous process improvement and is self-sustaining and value producing.

Care Delivery & Design

We at GAD International know the demands of managing and operating a successful healthcare business and will help to ensure sustainable operations with the highest standards in patient care.

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